Your Google Map will change, route search will be easier, fuel will cost less

Currently, Google Map is used worldwide including in India. The Google Map app is most commonly used for route navigation. On many occasions, however, wrong paths appear on Google Map. But in the coming days, a big change can be seen on Google Map. Actually, when searching the Google Map route, first of all, it shows the routes, which are short distances.

A big change will be seen in Google Map

Although many times the condition of these paths is not good, due to which it takes more time. Also, the vehicle costs more fuel. However, a new update is going to be received soon in Google Map, due to which the way of your navigation in Google Map will change. According to the report of AutoEvolution, Google is going to change its Algorithm. This will see a big change in Google Map in the coming days. According to the report, this year the company is going to release an update for Google Maps. Such updates will not show the most route to the Google Map user. Rather Google app navigation app users will be shown low fuel consumption routes.

More mileage will be available in the vehicle

Google’s new algorithm will be designed according to fuel consumption. For this reason, it will focus on fuel or gas savings instead of time. It has also been said in the report that if the user wishes, he can see the fastest route. For this, he will be given the option. But by default Google Maps will only show the path with less fuel first. This will reduce fuel costs while traveling. This will give more mileage to the vehicle.

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