Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open for violating rules

Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open for violating rules

The Free Fire City Open is currently ongoing in full swing. The prestigious tournament features teams from different cities all over India. The tournament boasts a massive prize pool of 60,00,000 INR. It is all set to proceed into its regional finals stage, where 12 teams from each of the nine regions will compete for spots in the national finals.

The tournament; however, has had to face numerous disqualifications due to issues ranging from cheating to ringing. In the latest competitive ruling by Free Fire officials, two teams were disqualified from the competition after a player was found competing in both of them.

The player named DUKER competed in the tournament from two teams, namely Stone Crushers and Flicker Force. The team and the player were disqualified under Rule 4.1.2, which prohibits players from competing from multiple teams and accounts.

The ruling also mentioned that the slots of Stone Crushers and Flicker Force for the Vishakapatnam finals will be awarded to the next eligible team.

Clarifying on the issue of a player from Last Breath, namely Dave, the officials said that the team reported the player in question, had lost access to his account and appealed for permission to switch to a different consideration.

After careful consideration, in-depth verification, and investigations, the officials accepted the appeal. Dave will have his old account suspended and will have to play using his new account in both the City Open and the Free Fire Pro League summer.

Similarly, Sohrab from Greedy Hunters also reportedly lost access to his old account and appealed to play in the tournament with a new one. His appeal was also accepted by the officials.

Both of these appeals were accepted under an exception listed under Rule 2.1.2.

Free Fire City Open schedule

With the regional finals starting on June 15th, it would be interesting to see which teams make it to the national finals. All in all, the tournament promises to be a treat for the viewers. (Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open)

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