Top 5 reasons why fans are excited about GTA 6 announcement

Top 5 reasons why fans are excited about GTA 6 announcement

Rockstar hasn’t said a word regarding the next GTA title. There haven’t been any announcements regarding the game either. Yet, some unofficial sources have predicted a 2025 release for the game.

If the expected launch date is true, fans will have to wait another four years before seeing GTA 6. It also means that they won’t be hearing anything about the game from Rockstar until it’s ready to launch.

However, most fans have been quite impatient for its release. While some people are quick to believe false rumors, others use public events to express their excitement. This article examines some of the reasons for being excited about the game.

GTA 6: 5 reasons why fans are excited about the next game’s announcement
1) They are bored of playing GTA 5

GTA 5 was the last mainline GTA game developed by Rockstar, and it came out in 2013. It has been nearly eight years since the initial release, and fans have had no major GTA game to play.

The Story Mode never got any DLCs or expansions as many fans expected to get. This has left players with the same single-player storyline for almost a decade.

2) Some feel that GTA Online needs a reboot

GTA Online is the only thing that has kept GTA 5 alive over the years with regular updates. Many fans, however, believe that the game has lost its GTA flavor and is now unrecognizable. This is mainly because of the futuristic weapons and vehicles, along with some outlandish missions.

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The series has always been about the realistic portrayal of the criminal world, albeit through satire and dark humor. GTA Online has deviated from this greatly, becoming more of a Saints Row clone. Some fans believe that it needs a reboot and that the next game should bring one.

3) The hype is at an all-time high

GTA 6 has been generating a ridiculous amount of hype lately. This has led to a large number of fake leaks related to the game.

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A new GTA title is always expected to create this sort of hype and excitement among fans. But the next GTA title could easily be the most anticipated game ever.

4) No similar games have come up recently

Cyberpunk 2077 was the latest open-world game that is similar to GTA in some aspects. The insane amount of hype that it generated led to a disastrous launch. The developers could not deliver on a single promise regarding the game.

This has led gamers to look for some good news since the incident. A GTA 6 announcement could very well be what the gaming community needs at the moment.

5) It could be the biggest entertainment product ever made

Finally, a GTA 6 announcement could turn out to be historic. Going by the anticipation regarding the next game, GTA 6 might easily surpass the success that GTA 5 achieved.

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