Top 5 realism mods for GTA 5 in 2021

Top 5 realism mods for GTA 5 in 2021

GTA 5’s single player has probably offered players all that it could in the past seven years since its release. With the standard gameplay experience growing stale for most players, mods are a solution to adding new life to the beloved game.

In line with the rising popularity of GTA RP and the realistic elements it introduces, players are looking for a similar experience offline as well. Here are five mods for GTA 5 that add a few more elements, thereby bringing Los Santos a little closer to reality.

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Top 5 GTA 5 realism mods in 2021 (Top 5 realism mods)

1. Realistic Driving V (Top 5 realism mods)

A point of criticism for the fans of GTA 4’s handling model was the “arcadified” handling style that took over for GTA 5. While more forgiving and less frustrating in many instances, GTA 5’s handling model removed a lot of depth from using vehicles in the game, with reduced body roll, weight bias and reduced damaged models. The Realistic Driving V mod aims to restore these features and can be found here.

2. Basic Needs

A feature that has become extremely popular in recent times in GTA RP, the Basic Needs mod adds hunger, thirst, sleep and stress as elements to characters in single-player and adds a new layer of management that players can experience. For those looking to add more RPG elements to their experience, this mod can be found here.

3. Disarm (Top 5 realism mods)

In GTA 5, when NPC’s weilding guns are shot, they cling to their weapons as if superglued to their palms. This mod overhauls weapon behaviour and allows players to knock guns right out of enemy hands by placing some well targeted shots against their attackers.

4. Better Deformation

Another feature from GTA 4 that was sorely missed in the sequel was the extensive damage model present in the predecessor. Aiming to restore this, the Better Deformation mod adds a lot more consequence to rash driving and punishes players for being too reckless with their vehicles.

5. R☆hancer Photorealism Mod (Top 5 realism mods)

While GTA 5’s visuals are nothing to be scoffed at, the aim of this mod is to change certain aspects of its visual presentation to be a little more photorealistic. Contrary to the trope of “rain+reflections=realism”, this mod has various tweaks for different times of day, shadows, reflections and more. Players can get their hands on this mod here.

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