The Top 5 Social Media Platforms in 2022

Hello Guy’s Now Today I am gong to share The Top 5 best and most using Social Media Platforms in 2022.

List of Top 5 Social Media Platforms →


  1. YouTube.
  2. Facebook.
  3. Instagram.
  4. Pinterest.
  5. LinkedIn.

1 You Tube →

You tube

YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. You Tube has Now  more than 2 Active Billion users.

2 Facebook →

2 of top 5 social media Platforms Facebook Brief description and active users

Facebook is a SOCIAL PLATFORM Which allows users, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues or people they don’t know, online. It also allows the users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with however many people they like. Facebook have more than  2.93 billion active users

3 Instagram →

Top 5 Social Media Platforms is one of the platform is instagram

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on iPhone and Android. People can upload photos or videos to our service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends. Instagram have more than 1 billion active users.

4 Pinterest →

top 5 social media Platforms

Pinterest is a social curation website for sharing and categorizing images found online. Pinterest Have more than 433 million active users.

5 LinkedIn →

Linked in social media app

LinkedIn is a social media platform Where Your summary should include your experience, skills, motivations and interests. Linked have more than 310 million active users

List active users of Top 5 Social Media Platforms →

You tube more than 2 Active Billion users
Facebook more than 2.93 billion active users
Instagram more than 1 billion active users.
Pinterest 433 million active users.
Linked in more than 310 million active users

List of Owners of these Top 5 Social Media Platforms.

You tube Google handle the you tube Susan Wojcicki
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
Instagram Meta handle the Instagram (Kevin Systrom)
Pinterest Ben Silbermann
Linked in Microsoft-owned Linked in


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