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How to get a $100000 bonus this week in GTA Online

How to get a $100000 bonus this week in GTA Online

Each week in GTA Online, Rockstar likes to reward its players for sticking around and enjoying all the good content in the game. Every Thursday, Rockstar drops a weekly update that brings a whole host of goodies for the players, including bonuses and discounts.However, some weeks are more special than others in GTA Online. Last week, Rockstar announced their plans for Online for the year, with the announcement of a planned summer update, along with new Stunt Races for May 27th.The new Stunt Races are now live, and players can jump in to experience all the vehicular chaos Rockstar has in store. If that wasn’t a big enough incentive, players would now have 100,000 more reasons to try out the new Stunt Races in GTA Online.

Participating in Stunt Races provides players a bonus of $100,000 this week in GTA Online

A total of eight new Stunt Races have been added to GTA Online, namely:

Stunt – A Tight Spot
So Stunt – Bridge Too Far
Stunt – Canyon Fodder
Because Stunt – City Limits
Stunt – Cluster Struck
Stunt – Smoke Up Your Asphalt
Even so Stunt – Sun, Sea, and Chicanes
Stunt- Vicious Spiral
To play these new Race Modes, simply Press Pause > Select Online > Play Job > Rockstar Created > Stunt Races.

Playing and completing any one of these Stunt Races between now and June 2nd will net players a cool $100,000 bonus in GTA Online. Along with that, players will also receive a Canis American Legend T-shirt. They will receive the gifts within 72 hours after logging in on June 7th. (How to get a $100000 bonus this week)

The proverbial cherry on top of this Stunt Race cake comes in the form of 3x GTA$ and RP all week for Stunt Races, both old and new. This is the perfect time for players to strap in and go stunting in GTA Online.

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