How to find a fire truck in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas players have plenty of reasons to use a fire truck.

For starters, fire truck missions are a reliable way to earn money. Players can also unlock a unique special ability. However, they first need to find a fire truck and become firefighters themselves. There are fire stations for each of the major cities, which makes them easy to find.

Despite it being a heavy vehicle, GTA San Andreas players can reach good top speeds. They will need to master the controls if they want to complete the fire truck missions. Fortunately, it can be done as early as the beginning of the game. All it takes is a single trip to the Los Santos Fire Station.

Here is where GTA San Andreas players can find a fire truck

There are two ways to find a fire truck in GTA San Andreas. Players can either find a fire station or bring the fire truck to them. However, the latter requires players to cause an explosion. Here’s a brief guide on how to obtain a fire truck.

These are the main locations

GTA San Andreas offers three major cities for players to explore. Each of them provides a fire station, which is where players can find a fire truck:

  • Commerce, Los Santos
  • Doherty, San Fierro
  • Redsands East and Redsands West, Las Venturas

Players can also bring a fire truck to their location. All they need to do is cause a huge fire. This can be done by using incendiary weapons such as flamethrowers. Alternatively, players can also blow up a few vehicles. A fire truck should arrive to put out the flames, although players can also get hit.

There is also a special ladder variant in the final mission, End of the Line. Players may occasionally find it near the fire station. Unlike most fire trucks, this one cannot perform any side missions. Players have to use a water cannon, which is missing in these variants.

Fire truck missions are a great way to make money

GTA San Andreas offers a wide variety of weapons, clothes, and properties. Players will need to earn a living if they want to afford everything. Fortunately, the fire truck missions give them a golden opportunity. Here’s what they can earn by performing these missions:

  • Level 1 – $200
  • Level 2 – $450
  • Level 3 – $800
  • Level 4 – $1,250
  • Level 5 – $1,800
  • Level 6 – $2,450
  • Level 7 – $3,200
  • Level 8 – $4,050
  • Level 9 – $5,000
  • Level 10 – $6,050
  • Level 11 – $7,200
  • Level 12 – $13,450, along with fire immunity


By completing all the fire truck levels, GTA San Andreas players will net a profit of $45,900. This is a lot of money in the early stages of the game. Players can buy several different safehouses with that money.

GTA San Andreas players can also become fireproof

Fireproof players will no longer have to worry about damaging themselves in a fire. All they need to do is complete the final level in the fire truck missions. Not only do players make lots of money, they also improve their combat skills.

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