GTA Online DLC release date, time, trailer and more revealed

GTA Online DLC release date, time, trailer and more revealed

After much anticipation, Rockstar has finally revealed the details of the upcoming GTA Online update, which includes some pleasant surprises. The Contract is the title of the next update, which will be released on December 15.

While Dr. Dre’s return to promote his new music was expected, Franklin’s reappearance appears to be the biggest surprise. Read on to learn more about the new GTA Online update.

New DLC release in GTA Online: Release date, trailer and more revealed by Rockstar

Rockstar has just revealed the details for the upcoming DLC on December 15, and it seems to be a surprising one. The update release timings haven’t been revealed as of now, but players can expect similar timings as the last update. The trailer (seen in the above tweet) shows Franklin’s progress in creating his business between the events of GTA 5 and GTA Online.

The update seems to be primarily based around Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre. Players will be employed by F. Clinton and Partner, a new firm dedicated to assisting the Vinewood elite with their high-society issues. Franklin will require a dependable partner as well as a high-value, high-profile client.

Dr. Dre appears to be the ideal client, and GTA Online players will be assisted by Lamar Davis, who is returning as an aspiring marijuana dealer. Dr. Dre’s phone, which contains his new music, has gone missing, and players must track it down. Aside from Franklin, other characters include expert hacker Imani and Chop the Dog.

Rockstar will be releasing more details regarding The Contract via their Newswire. However, all of their hints seem to confirm that this update will be centered heavily around music. An all-new radio station from some very special guest hosts will be added alongside the update.

Besides, the existing radio stations are also getting massive updates, including plenty of new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and other artists. Rockstar has also hinted at more options for agency work, including possible assassination missions as well as new weaponry and vehicles.

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