GTA 5 next-gen graphics comparison: PS4 vs PS5

GTA 5 next-gen graphics comparison: PS4 vs PS5

GTA 5 is all set to be relaunched. The new version, which was earlier called Expanded and Enhanced, comes out on March 15. Story mode transfers have begun for both consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) and gamers are busy uploading their saves.

This article dives into the enhancements and compares the PS4 with the PS5 on the visual element. The newer version boasts 4K resolution, Ray Tracing, increased draw distance, etc. The enhanced framerate on the more recent version will go up to 60 FPS. This cannot be tested until the game comes out, as Rockstar hasn’t shared a gameplay trailer yet.

Note: Slight lighting differences in the images result from the sun being in an unnatural position for the trailer, which is impossible in-game.

GTA 5 2022 graphics – PS4 vs PS5


Rockstar revealed carious details about the upcoming version via two Newswire posts over the past month. The initial post spoke about features and enhancements. It said:

GTA 5 next-gen graphics

The first Newswire post also showcased this sunset screenshot. GTA gamers have tried to recreate this in-game but did not get the same result, but something close enough. The Sun is positioned in an unnatural spot for the trailer, which cannot be replicated.

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GTA Series Videos also compared the screenshots as a Grand Theft Auto veteran and a valued community member. The first difference on theĀ PS5, which screams at viewers, are the changes made to the lighting.

The inclusion of Ray Tracing makes its presence felt quite strongly. The shadows cast by the Vinewood sign and other elements look very natural.

On the PS4, the lights were either too bright or too low, and the balance was missing. Similarly, the shadows were pretty generic and did not mimic reality. The Vinewood sign shot showcases the city on the horizon. Gamers can see some of the furthest buildings with ease. They have been rendered quite well too. However, realistic tests and comparisons will be a better guide.GTA 5 next-gen graphics



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