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5 potentially negative aspects of GTA 5 RP

5 potentially negative aspects of GTA 5 RP

While GTA 5 RP provides high entertainment value, it comes at a cost. A few aspects of the game are rather unpleasant to deal with.

One of the hottest trends in 2021 is GTA 5 RP. Millions of viewers watch popular streamers, and celebrities get in on the roleplaying action. Beneath the shiny gold layer of GTA 5 RP, however, lies darker characteristics. Whether they make or break the game depends on the players themselves.

GTA 5 RP has its highs and lows. Highs tend to be higher than usual, but the lows are also lower. Streamers, administrators, and regular players alike can be prone to bad decision-making and ill-mannered tendencies. GTA 5 RP is only as good as the players within the servers themselves.

Diving into some of the negatives of GTA 5 RP

1 – There is a paywall

5 potentially negative aspects of GTA 5 RP

Given the absurd server cost of keeping the GTA 5 RP up and running, it makes sense for administrators to ask for donations. NoPixel spends $10,000 a month to stay afloat, given the number of players on the server. GTA 5 RP is one of the most popular genres on Twitch for a reason.

However, there are expensive paywalls that regular players cannot get behind. One example is SSB Wrld, where players have to spend hundreds a month to get priority in the waiting line. When the price point is too high for a player, it can dissuade them from joining the game.

GTA 5 RP is a fun experience, but it can also be expensive. Some fans aren’t willing to sacrifice their phone bills to play a relatively cheap retail game. That’s the price every player has to be ready to pay since the servers cannot run otherwise. For some people, it’s not worth burning a hole in their wallets.

2 – Admins have too much power

Power-hungry moderators exist within any medium. GTA 5 RP is no different. A few occasions where an administrator may force other players to enact a scenario they have nothing to do with.

One humorous example comes from Putther, where he was unwillingly made to attend a funeral. While he was responsible for the police officer’s death, Putther risked a potential ban if he did not make his appearance. If the administration doesn’t like a player, there’s nothing they can do.

3 – There are double standards involved

Despite his legendary reputation as a controversial figure, xQc retains a large following. For this reason alone, many players feel there is a double standard in regards to their bans. Although xQc has now been banned for an unprecedented fifth time, some players think he has too many second chances already.

Popular streamers are what draws in newer viewers. Anytime they break the rules, it puts server administrators in a challenging position. They selectively enforce the rules to allow these streamers to continue or ban them and potentially risk losing subscribers. Players might feel there is an imbalance of power in GTA 5 RP.

Summit1g brings up an interesting point in regards to stricter bans. He says the likes of xQc can survive and move on to other games. However, small-time streamers lack this luxury. If the rules are too rigid, players can end up with bans for even the slightest offense. They are the ones who suffer in the end.

4 – Popular streamers get into ugly disputes

Given the egocentric personalities involved in the gaming community, it’s no surprise to see two streamers butting heads. One example is the heated arguments between Penta and xQc, where they make severe accusations of rule-breaking against each other. GTA 5 RP threads end up dissolving into toxicity.

Streamers also extend their disputes to their fanbase. A particular incident took place when fans attacked Adin Ross for lack of streaming updates. He responded with a statement, saying he doesn’t owe them anything.

5 – Players take themselves too seriously

5 potentially negative aspects of GTA 5 RP

Nobody wants to play a roleplaying game with someone who only wants to win. It’s like one San Andreas commercial where one kid says he’s invisible and the other says he has invisible-seeing glasses. GTA 5 RP has its fair share of toxic players who ruin the experience for everyone. (5 potentially negative aspects of GTA 5 RP)

One infamous example is former player zombie_barricades, known collectively as Tyrone Biggums. Before his permanent ban from NoPixel servers, Biggums was rude and disruptive in out-of-character moments. He was accused of power gaming to his advantage and took gang wars too seriously.

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