5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2021

5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2021

GTA Online might not have a linear or strict path of progression, but money is the primary goal in the game.

While RP helps players rank up and unlock cool stuff, the primary motivator for players in GTA Online is money, specifically easy money.

While most players aren’t opposed to the grind, such as doing VIP Work or vehicle sourcing, a good solo mission that pays well is always going to be more popular.

GTA Online players who are looking for ways to make more money solo are in luck since the game provides its users with plenty of opportunities. From easy contact missions to elaborate heists, there is a lot that players can do solo to make cash in the game.

Solo missions to help players make more cash in GTA Online

(5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2021)

1 – The Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Heist is a dream come true for most players in the game. The entire heist, including setups, can be completed solo without having to rely on other crew members.

Having a crew will increase the take as players will be able to bag more secondary loot. However, the take for solo players is also pretty decent, making the Cayo Perico Heist the best mission for GTA Online players right now.

While the Cayo Perico Heist might take significantly more time than the rest of the missions on this list, its payout makes it worth

2 – Gerald – Pier Pressure

Gerald should be the go-to guy for players who are just starting out in GTA Online. His missions offer decent payouts and are usually quite easy to do. They also get unlocked early in the game.

Pier Pressure, for instance, involves stealing some narcotics and returning to Gerald, which is as easy as it sounds. Much like the rest of contact missions, speed is of the utmost value and killing enemies shouldn’t be a priority.

3 – Simeon Yeterian – Blow Up II (5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2021)

Simeon’s missions typically involve “repo-ing” vehicles and occasionally blowing stuff up. However, Blow Up II combines the two as the player is tasked with blowing up some cars, stealing one and bringing it back to the dealership.

Losing the cops might be a little challenging, but players should be able to call Lester and get the cops off their backs. The mission is unlocked at Level 12 and should be a great way to make money right at the start of GTA Online.

4 – Martin Madrazo – Out of court settlement(5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2021)

Martin’s missions in GTA Online, much like his missions in Story Mode, involve whacking some kind of witness and stopping them from testifying against Martin. This mission can also be completed quite easily solo and does not require much effort on the part of the player.

If the player is quick enough, they’ll be able to make a boatload of cash since contact missions reward speed over everything else. Thus, players should be sure not to waste time killing everyone in sight. Taking out the target and rushing to the documents will save a lot of time and ensure a big payday.

5) Trevor – Diamonds are for Trevor<

One of the best aspects of GTA Online is the fact that it started off as a prequel. This means that players were able to see the characters and how they were before the events of GTA 5’s Story Mode. The missions from Trevor are a nice little touch.

After Ron gets in touch with the player and asks them to meet Trevor, a new set of contact missions will get unlocked. “Diamonds are for Trevor” is a mission that tasks the player with stealing diamonds and bringing them to Trevor.

This is a quick way to earn money since armored vehicles and explosive weaponry make completing missions in GTA Online easy.

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