5 best games like GTA San Andreas for Xbox One

5 best games like GTA San Andreas for Xbox One

GTA San Andreas is the seventh title of the massively famous GTA franchise. The game revolves around gang wars and has exciting missions.

GTA San Andreas can be enjoyed on different platforms, including Xbox One. If players are looking for more Xbox One games like GTA San Andreas, explore games on the following list.

5 best games like GTA San Andreas for Xbox One

#1 – Watch Dogs 2.


5 best games like GTA
  Like GTA San Andreas, this action-adventure title offers an exciting open-world where players can navigate whenever they want. There are interesting vehicles that players can cruise in.
The game is popular for its multiplayer mode. The modes are Hacking Invasion, Racing, Bounty Hunter, Showd0wn, Man vs. Machine, and Loot Trucks.

Mafia II

5 best games like GTA
This is an open-world, action-adventure title which revolves around the lives of gangsters, like GTA San Andreas. The game has a good arsenal of weapons that players can use to complete various missions.
Players can cruise around in sleek cars and engage in illegal races. It’s not just cars. Mafia II has a good collection of vehicles that players can also take out for a spin.

#3 – Sleeping Dogs3

This game is also an open-world, action-adventure title like GTA San Andreas. The game is known for its portrayal of graphic violence, and the good graphics make it look even more realistic.

The game has main story missions as well as side missions that players can complete. Players will also need to hone martial arts skills if they want to ace the title’s fight sequences.

#4 – Saints Row: The Third

This title is an action-adventure game that deals with gangsters and their shenanigans. Like GTA San Andreas, this game offers various action-packed missions that players will enjoy being a part of.

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This game offers various customization options, which allows players to dress up their characters in cool outfits. Players will enjoy the title as it has better gameplay compared to the other games of the series.

#5 – Just Cause 3

The vast open-world and exciting missions offered by this action-adventure game will remind GTA San Andreas players. This title is also available on Microsoft Windows and PS4.

Players have the liberty to explore as many as five biomes with unique ambiances in this title. To complete air-strike missions, the game offers various explosive weapons.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual’s choice to play one or the other according to his/her preference.

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