Top 5 most memorable Strangers and Freaks

Top 5 most memorable Strangers and Freaks missions in GTA 5

Top 5 most memorable Strangers and Freaks missions in GTA 5

Some of the story missions in GTA 5 have been frequently criticized for being boring or repetitive. On the other hand, side missions like the Strangers and Freaks encounters have received a warmer reception.

Random stranger encounters are a common feature in most RPGs. The protagonist comes across some quest-providing character who is either a stranger or a story character. However, these quests are not related to the main storyline and have an independent resolution.

They act as diversions to the main plot so players can explore the other facets of the game world. This also prevents the feeling of repetitiveness in a game. Strangers and Freaks random encounters in GTA 5 are not so different in nature.

Players encounter interesting NPCs who often give bizarre missions. These are often played out in several parts and provide a fresh perspective on the game world. Here are some of the most memorable Strangers and Freaks missions in GTA 5:

GTA 5: the best Strangers and Freaks missions

1) Epsilon Program

The Epsilon Cult has been a long-running gag in the GTA series, and GTA 5 allows players to be directly involved with them. This is a set of missions available to Michael which seem monotonous and bizarre, and the continuous donations may put off any cautious player.

However, if players are patient and keep going till the end, there is a chance at a great reward. This reward is the highest payment received from any side mission in GTA 5.

2) Vinewood Souvenirs

Vinewood Souvenirs is a series of missions in GTA 5 where Trevor helps out an elderly couple. The twist is that the couple isn’t as innocent as they seem. Their mission involves stealing celebrity memorabilia and culminating in the kidnapping of an actor. Players are even given the choice of killing the actor or letting him go.

3) A Starlet in Vinewood (Top 5 most memorable Strangers and Freaks)

GTA 5 is nothing like L.A. Noire, a detective game made by Rockstar, except the open-world environment. However, A Starlet in Vinewood is an unlikely mission in the game that involves crime-solving.

Franklin plays the role of the detective in uncovering a sinister mystery. The mission itself is tedious, forcing players to collect 50 letter scraps. Yet, the suspense of solving the mystery and the conclusion is worth remembering.

4) Shift Work / Hao Street Races

This is a set of 5 races that puts Franklin’s driving skills to the test. Most of these take place at night and are coordinated by Hao. These races are fun to play because of the arcade driving mechanics of GTA 5.

Players can also earn a fair bit of money by completing all the races. Hao recently made a return to GTA Online with the Los Santos Tuners update.

5) Grass Roots (Top 5 most memorable Strangers and Freaks)

Grass Roots is a set of side missions that are available to all three protagonists in GTA 5. However, Michael and Trevor only have one mission each, where they start hallucinating. Franklin is the only one who gets a set of missions with different objectives.

As the name suggests, the mission involves pot smoking, which has different results on each GTA 5 protagonist. Michael hallucinates a horde of aliens, which he has to fend off with a minigun. Trevor sees a gang of clowns that he has to defend against with an assault shotgun.

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