Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City
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Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open for violating rules

Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open for violating rules

The Free Fire City Open 2021 is going on in full swing right now. The tournament, which features teams from various Indian cities, is currently in the regional finals stage with teams from different regions fighting for a spot to represent their city in the national finals.

FFCO 2021 features a prize pool of INR 60,00,000.

Free Fire City Open 2021
Free Fire City Open 2021

The tournament, however, has been marred by disqualifications and player bans for various reasons, the main one being ‘ringing’ which involves players competing from multiple teams.

This stands as a violation of tournament rule 4.1.2 which forbids players from competing in multiple teams/organizations.

The latest among the long list of teams banned are from the Vizag region. Garena has been quite vigilant and strict when it comes to their rules and in a recent competitive ruling, the officials disqualified the following two teams:

1.) Fly High (ID: 3005065411)

2.) Gravity Fly (ID: 3004876776)

In a thorough investigation conducted by the officials, it was found that players Abhi, Ninja, AJ.exe, and GodKillX7 were playing from both of these teams. All these players and their team have been disqualified from the Free Fire City Open 2021.

There has been next to no complacency when it comes to enforcing the guidelines.

These players had also qualified for the Vizag Finals from Fly High. Following this debacle, their slots will thereby be canceled and will be awarded to the next eligible team. The Vizag regional Finals are all set to start on 9th of July 2021.

This isn’t the first time as prior to their follies, two other teams were also banned from the competition during the Lucknow finals for the same reason.

Teams that qualified for the Free Fire City Open Vizag Finals

  1. Apple Dino
  2. Black Ops
  3. Crazy Amigos
  4. Flex Esports
  5. Gaming with Dino
  6. High End
  7. Incredibles
  8. Nawabpet Kings
  9. SS Esports
  10. U18 Army
  11. Team Thunder
  12. To be Announced

Officials, players and fans will be hoping for smooth conduct of the tournament going forward without any further disqualifications or bans. It’s safe to say that no one wants the tournament to be marred by nefarious and duplicitous conduct. (Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City)

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