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Top 5 features and additions in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server

Top 5 features and additions in Free Fire OB29 Advance Server

Free Fire is one of the prevalent games in the BR category on leading app stores. The game offers high-quality graphics and immersive in-game elements. The developers release regular updates to the game to make it more engaging, including new features.

The Advanced Server is a feature in Free Fire that allows gamers to try various features not yet released in the global version. They can register for the Advanced Server on Free Fire’s official website.

Free Fire: Five best features of the OB29 Advance Server

1) New characters

The OB29 Advance Server features three new characters added to Free Fire. These new mystery characters will comprise many interesting abilities.

These skills include a five-meter healing aura which will help players gain 3 HP for 10 seconds. Other character abilities include rescue skills that will allow players to restore 15 HP for each successful rescue.

2) New weapon

The OB29 Advance Server update in Free Fire will introduce a new weapon called AC80. It is a marksman rifle that will help clear enemies in mid and long-range combats.

With two continuous shots, users will be able to deal additional damage to the opponent. This feature will help kill them much quicker.

3) New pets and customizations

A new pet is also added to the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server, called Tiger Ninja. Its abilities are yet to be revealed, but the pet is said to have aggressive skills, helping players who love rush gameplay.

Some customizations are also made in the pet abilities, as gamers can use two skills in one pet. However, this will only apply to pets that are unlocked and will be a helpful feature.

4) Training mode changes and craft land feature

Craft-land feature (Image via Moniez Gaming)

In the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server, players can improve their nading skills in the training grounds. It will offer a new grenade range that will help them improve their grenade skills over various ranges.

There is also a new craft land feature added to the Advanced Server. It will help users create their desired map and play custom rooms with teammates.

5) New 1v1 game mode ( Free Fire OB29 Advance Serverm)

Free Fire OB29 Advance Server

The update to the Advance Server features a new 1v1 game mode, and the map is named Iron Cage.

This mode will help players improve their close-combat skills to a great extent. They will also be able to select any preferred weapon as well as a gloo wall.

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