GTA Online's Summer 2021 update
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GTA Online’s Summer 2021 update “Los Santos Tuners” will finally protect car meets from griefers

GTA Online’s Summer 2021 update “Los Santos Tuners” will finally protect car meets from griefers

GTA Online’s first major update of 2021 is all set to drop, and Rockstar Games has just released some juicy details.

Titled “The Los Santos Tuners” update, the summer 2021 patch brings some much-needed life to GTA Online’s auto enthusiast scene.

Promising new cars, races and a fresh progression system, the update has it all. Most importantly, however, it has one quality of life change that will make car meets less stressful for every player involved.

How GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners update will protect car meets from griefers

Rockstar Games has taken steps to keep car meets in GTA Online free from griefers as well as the law.

The Los Santos Tuners update introduces the LS Car Meet, a “social space” where players can show off their rides.

Here’s a description of the LS Car Meet on Rockstar Newswire:

“Inside, the LS Car Meet has a ‘good vibes only’ policy, making it a great place to skip the attention of the law and any small-time chumps looking to terrorize the citizens of greater Los Santos.”

What this essentially means is that the car meets occurring in the Cypress Flats Warehouse will be treated as a no-weapons zone, much like the interior of properties.

Covering all their bases, Rockstar even has an anti-Oppressor measure in place. All weaponized vehicles must be left outside before entering the warehouse.

Here’s a description of this feature on Rockstar Newswire:

“Park your attitude (and your weaponized vehicles) at the door and share your love of car culture with some like-minded personalities. Here, you’ll find countless ways to immerse yourself in the beating heart of the scene, show off prized personal vehicles from your collection or check out everybody else’s.”

Car meets have always had an air of tension as a single player can take out everyone’s vehicles at any point. Oppressor griefers would also carpet bomb car meets from the air, making it incredibly frustrating for players who just want to have a good time.

With the anti-griefing measures in place, GTA Online players can finally focus on what’s important: having fun and showing off their pristine rides.

The Los Santos Tuners update drops on July 20th for all platforms, with 10 vehicles out of the promised 17 set to be available at launch.

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