5 cat & mouse missions in GTA San Andreas
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5 cat & mouse missions in GTA San Andreas that were extremely difficult

5 cat & mouse missions in GTA San Andreas that were extremely difficult 

GTA San Andreas is known for its remarkable storyline and fun missions. These missions were a great way of building on the story and unfolding events around the city of San Andreas.

They were grounded and well designed both in terms of complexity and objectives, but there were certain missions where CJ had to play the cat and mouse game, either chasing someone down or evading someone who was pursuing him. This article will focus on the five cat & mouse missions in GTA San Andreas that were extremely challenging.

5 difficult missions in GTA San Andreas that involved chases

1) OG Loc

When OG Loc gets out of jail, the first thing he wants to do is to commit a crime. This mission in GTA San Andreas demands that players pick up OG Loc as he gets released from prison. OG Loc informs CJ that he wants Freddy dead, as the latter apparently stole the former’s rhymes.

In true GTA fashion, nothing is simple as Freddy makes a run for it when CJ and OG Loc arrive.

They then hop on a bike and have to hunt him down and kill him. The chase is annoying because of the route taken by Freddy, which is strange and erratic and OG Loc’s shooting skills do not help much either.

2) Wrong Side of the Tracks

This legendary chase mission is one of the most memorable San Andreas missions. Big Smoke tells CJ that they have to go to the train at Unity Station. As expected, it was an ambush, and the Vagos try to flee on top of the train. CJ is directed to drive the motorcycle while Big Smoke shoots the Vagos members. The two chase the train whilst dodging obstacles such as car blocks and incoming trains. Big Smoke’s shooting skills are of no use as well and often don’t land on the target.

3) Just Business

This mission in GTA San Andreas begins when Big Smoke gets into a conflict with the Russian Mafia during a shady deal. CJ is then tasked with protecting him.

After killing everyone, the two escape on a motorbike with CJ acting as a shooter while Big Smoke drives the bike. Players have to defend the bike from the Russian Mafia. The chase has some great action scenes and ends with CJ and Big Smoke outrunning the Mafia.

4) Drive-Thru

While many players will remember this mission in GTA San Andreas for Big Smoke’s hefty order, it is also home to a chase sequence between Grove Street members and the Ballas.

When CJ, Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke visit the Cluckin’ Bell to grab some food, Ryder recognizes some of the Ballas gang members going towards Grove Street. Ballas are then pursued by CJ, Sweet, Smoke, and Ryder. While Sweet and Ryder shoot at the Ballas car, Big Smoke shoves down food. The Ballas car gets destroyed at the end of the mission and members inside the car meet their fate.

5) End of the Line

This is the final mission of GTA San Andreas and was an excellent end to the game. This mission had everything players could ask for – a high stakes chase, loads of action, and an emotional conclusion. After breaking inside Big Smoke’s Crack Fortress and killing him, CJ is directed to stop Officer Tenpenny who was escaping in his fire truck. (5 cat & mouse missions in GTA San Andreas)

The long chase comes to an end on the bridge over Ganton where Tenpenny totals his truck. Tenpenny dies on the street some time later and CJ, along with others, witness his death.

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