Coronavirus tracking app in the world

More than 200 countries of the world are at present facing the crown disease plague. All countries are also controlling the crown in their own particular way. Advancement is being use wherever all through the world to thwart crown illness. Convenient applications are helping a lot to recognize crown tainting. The council of India is moreover using an application like Arogya Setu.

Reveal to us which adaptable application various countries are using to follow the tainting of Corona


The legislature of India has propelled the Arogya Setu App, through which individuals are being educated about the crown. Arogya Setu App makes you on going aware of Corona contaminated region. Arogya Setu App has been download by more than 7.5 crore individuals in India up until this point. This application is accessible in 11 dialects.

Click here to understand the working of Arogya Setu App-  HOW TO USE AAROGYA SETU APPS COVID- 19 LIVE TRACKER

South Korea-

South Korea is the first country in the world to use technology first to deal with Corona. In South Korea also benefited from this. In South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) has developed a COVID-19 Smart Management System (SMS) that is controlled through a mobile app. Apart from this, South Korea is also using smart wristbands to keep an eye on the quarantined people.


COVIDSafe app is being use to track corona infection in Australia. KovidSafe is a Bluetooth based app that works on the Bluetooth signal. All those who fall in the range of 1.5 meters of the infected person are track.

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The administration of Germany has taken the assistance of a task which brought about an all-European security assurance vicinity following. In this undertaking, 130 specialists were included who proposed that an application be made that could illuminate the crown disease without sparing the area with the assistance of Bluetooth, yet meanwhile, a contention emerges about the privacy.280 analysts from everywhere throughout the world have caution in an open letter that through this the legislature can screen the entire territory. He recommended that information ought not to be spared halfway and spared in better places. After this, Germany took the assistance of Apple and Google. After this, the information of the clients is being savemoney on his telephone and after that, the legislature is being refreshed.


China Corona utilizes QR codes to follow contaminated individuals. Through the QR Code, data about the movement history and wellbeing states of individuals gather. QR codes must be check at transport stops, railroad stations, and air terminals. Aside from this, the QR code must be filter even before setting off to any office in China. Data about the soundness of individuals with various hues are given in the QR Code. On the off chance that a green sign shows up on the QR Code examine, at that point at exactly that point you will be permitt to go. QR code is associate with an application.

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