Chrono Wheel new event information.

  1. Spend 40 dimonds to spin for a chance to obtain one of two grand prize : motor bike – cyber bounty hunter and katana .
  2. Bad luck protection at the 10th drow and players will gruanteed To obtain one of the grand prize .
  3. After obtaining one of the grand prize the bad luck protection mechanism will rest and players will able to one of the grand prize . in another 10 drows .
  4. The respactive grand prize can only be obtiain once only can be rerpeated .
  5. The bad luck . protection  mechanism will be deactivated once player have obtain both grand prize
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How to play Chrono Wheel .

  1. you have to click on free option .

2. Then it will stop anywhere .

3. And you will recive thing where your spin were stoped.

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