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4 Insecure Android Free VPN Apps You Should Use With Caution –

Have you heard about VPN before? They are not only a great way to browse the web but also a secure option to access region-locked sites. There are many available VPN options that you can use on your desktop and Android devices. An advantage of VPN apps is their ease of use. However, users need to be vigilant about the VPN option they choose. Some VPN apps have been considered insecure as they are prone to data leakage, injected ads, and malware. A study by Tiger Mobiles in 2019 found that several free Android VPN apps were collecting IP addresses, leaking IPv6 addresses, browser types, and more. In other words, you were the product.

Melon VPN kya hai

Through this article, we will list 5 Insecure Android Free VPN apps you should never use.

1. Yoga VPN

One of the reasons you should avoid the Yoga VPN is its many requests for dangerous permissions. It always has pop-ups trying to read your phone state. The VPN will ever want to know your phone number, the network you are using, and whether you are on a call. The main question that makes it an insecure VPN app is, why do they need all this data? Where do they want to take your information? In this case, this VPN app is considered insecure due to its links to data linkage.

2. proXPN

Free VPN

VPNThis is yet another VPN you should avoid due to untimely updates making it prone to malware. It is true it offers unlimited data transfer and connection time. However, it is bound to the so-called five eyes intelligence community. This includes the US, Australia, Canada,  New Zealand, and the UK. By this, you should altogether avoid proXPN VPN if you are looking out to mask your identity.

3. Hola Free VPN

This is another VPN you should never use since it is considered as a free service for commercial use. It involves peer-to-peer VPN networking where users help other users to make the web world-wide. Servers are unavailable, and people who want to use the service but not allow others to access the system must pay for a premium plan. Hola VPN is considered insecure since it is unencrypted and is involved in proxy tunneling.

4. OVPNSpider

Free VPN

Unlike others, OVPNSpider will never ask for permission to access your personal information for it to function. By this, it will never ask for access to your call logs, your location, or to put stuff on your SD card. It also has a good rating of 4.5 from the App store and four from google play. However, this VPN app has never been a good idea to use due to
increased DNS leaks. This factor leaves your browsing traffic exposed to your internet service provider. It is also prone to adware and malware; therefore, you should avoid using it completely.

From the above information, much has been said about what makes the VPN apps insecure touse. The question then remains, what should guide you while looking for a secure and reliable VPN to use? To this question, it is simple as all you need is making use of reviews at the bottom of each of the VPN app you want to choose. For detailed information about the app, find out what other users say about its proneness to data leakage, injected ads, malware. Moreover, check whether it has user location restrictions and increased permissions to access your data. By doing this, you can be sure to arm yourself with a good, reliable, and secure VPN app.



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