LG is a unique Rollable laptop coming soon

LG is a unique laptop coming soon to launch a Rollable Laptop, for which the company has patented. The screen size of this LG laptop will be 17 inches, which can be rolled up to 13.3 inches. Know what will be special about this laptop?

After South Korean company LG (LG) Rollable TV, it is now preparing to launch a rollable laptop. According to recent news, LG has patented a rollable laptop for a small screen folded screen, whose screen is 17 inches, but you can roll it to 13.3 inches. Even the keyboard of this upcoming portable laptop of LG rolls, that is, you can enlarge it.

Coming of Rollable Display

LG has long been trying to develop laptops, televisions, and smartphones with rolled displays. However, the company has recently started selling the world’s first rollable TV in South Korea. Which costs a lot. LG has already launched a foldable smartphone and now in the future, foldable laptops are also in the works. After the launch of this laptop by LG, people who want to work on a laptop with a large screen will be able to fold it and fold it small and easily carry it

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How about a new laptop?

According to a report by Root My Galaxy, the rollable laptop that LG has patented for it looks like a soundbar when it is unlocked. There may be a power button on the side of the screen. As soon as we roll this laptop, its webcam is hidden. It is believed that the touchpad and keyboard of this laptop can be folded to half size. However, in the coming time, it will be known that this laptop of LG is just a concept product or it will be launched for commercial use as well.

Soon rollable phone too

A few years ago, LG introduced the world with its latest technology, in which the company had talked about bringing an 18-inch rollable OLED display in the future. In January this year, the company launched a TV with a 65-inch UHD OLED display. LG is also about to launch a rollable smartphone soon, which will be equipped with extremely latest technology. Currently, OPPO and TLC are also working on phones and TVs with rollable displays.

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