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Top 5 Fortnite challenges to tackle with friends-

  • Fortnite can be played in a variety of ways, including doing challenges with friends that aren’t actually a part of the game.
  • The best challenges with friends involve forgetting some of the basic Fortnite fundamentals.Sometimes, Fortnite players want to mix things up. Winning just gets tiring, doesn’t it? The in-game challenges are all done. The Battle Pass is completed and all of the rewards are in the locker. What else is there to do?Making up challenges with friends is a great way to pass the time or simply freshen up the Fortnite experience. There are so many different ones to do, simple and complex. It is also a great way to show off your Fortnite skills in several different ways.

1.  No Building

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The goal is to get that coveted Victory Royale without building. Friends can jump into separate Solos matches and see who survives the longest. Otherwise, Duos and Squads is a great place for full teams to test out this challenge. Players will have to use the natural environment of Fortnite in order to survive this challenge.

2.No Communication

This Fortnite challenge may just be the toughest of them all. Fortnite Duos and Squads is all about communication. Knowing when a teammate is being pushed or where specific loot is found is vital to surviving. In this challenge, players must mute their mics and cannot ping anything. This way, there is no communication between teammates whatsoever. Players have to get the Victory Royale on sheer instinct and in-game teamwork.

3.Four Corners

Four Corners is a fun Fortnite challenge that sends teammates to opposite ends of the island. This is a challenge made for Squads only. All four players land in the different corners of the map. It can be adjusted to either land in the POI nearest the corner or right on the edge of the map. Players then have to figure out the best way to survive while looting up and trying to join together as a team.

4.Elimination Competition

Friendly competition in Fortnite is always a good time. This challenge focuses on eliminations, pitting teammates against one another. The main goal is to end the game with the most eliminations between the squad. With enough sweat and determination, players can easily turn this challenge into a Victory Royale.

5.No Elimination

Winning with no eliminations is surprisingly not impossible. It is much harder nowadays with vehicles, higher skilled players, and overall unpredictability on the circle, though. Nevertheless, this one might be the most satisfying made-up challenge in all of Fortnite. The goal is to outbuild, outwit, and outlive, all while racking up zero eliminations. Players will have to put their faith in the storm or their enemy’s stupidity for this one.

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