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Facebook’s new feature, no one will be able to read Messenger’s messages

The Facebook’s new feature – 

Facebook’s App lock is currently available in the Privacy Settings section, which users can use to change the settings.

Social networking site Facebook has introduced a private security feature, which will be exactly like App Lock. This new feature will secure the private message of Messenger. Meaning that now everyone will not be able to read private messages of your Messenger. App Lock will work by adding an extra layer of security to the private message. The advantage will be that if a member or friend of the house asks for mobile from you, then you can give the mobile without any hesitation, as you will not have the risk of reading private messages.

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Facebook’s App lock is currently present in the Privacy Settings section, which can be used by the user by changing the settings. This allows the Messenger app to be unlocked through the user’s privacy settings such as fingerprint and face authentication. Also, Facebook made it clear that data taken as security features such as your Touch or Face ID will not be transmitted or stored. This feature is currently available on iPhone and iPad and will be available for Android in the next few months.

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Apart from this, the control feature can be provide in Facebook Messenger soon, with the help of which you will be able to decide who can message you directly or not. Right now all friends on Facebook can directly message you. But soon you will get a filter in it. Apart from this, Facebook will soon introduce blur images like Instagram and Whatsapp. There are currently around 1.3 billion Messenger users worldwide, whose number may increase to 2.4 billion by 2021.

Facebook director of product management Jay Sullivan said that privacy is Facebook’s first priority. The company is giving great importance to security in the message, video chat, calling, and messenger room.

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